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Happy knitting!

We are a family business dedicated to helping knitters enjoy their craft with ethical, responsible yarn and inspiring patterns.

Our story

Founded in 2015 by mother and daughter Pernille and Caroline, our small family-run business has organically grown to serve knitters worldwide, with our son and brother, Alexander, joining the family venture in 2022.

Initially, we sold baby and toddler knitting patterns when Caroline’s second baby was born. But soon, we quickly expanded, designing children’s patterns, and in 2018, we created our first adult designs.

To enhance our customers’ knitting experience, we created our own yarn in 2016. The first Knitting for Olive yarn was our Merino, and since then, we’ve introduced 6 other Knitting for Olive yarn, including Soft Silk Mohair, Pure Silk and our No Waste Wool.

Our vision is to always offer the highest-quality yarn, created from pure natural fibres with respect for animals, workers and our environment.

In 2018, we opened our first shop in Frederiksberg, Denmark, and have since opened another store in Aarhus, Denmark.

Our journey towards responsible yarn production

When we decided to create our own yarn in 2016, we began a steep learning curve about yarn production, quickly discovering that conventional yarn production often didn’t consider animal or social welfare.

As animal and social rights advocates, we aimed to ensure our yarn was produced with complete respect for animals, workers and the environment.

This journey began with providing mulesing-free yarn that was traceable to our farms. Soon after, we started using only certified wool, and today, we’re proud to be a company that’s RAF (Responsible Animal Fibers) certified.

Our RAF certification is your guarantee that our wool comes from animals treated with respect and according to the five freedoms of animal welfare.

Our responsibility practices today

Our responsibility practices today

After learning that the only way to ensure good animal welfare and social responsibility is by using traceable, certified wool, that is what we do. Today we use cruelty free silk and we are certified to the Responsible Wool Standard and the Responsible Mohair Standard, which certifies and tracks wool and mohair from the source to the final product. Certified by Control Union, CU 898826.

In short, we do all we can to ensure, that no animals or workers have suffered when producing. We also use GRS (Global Recycle Standard) wool. The Global Recycle Standard verifies the percentage of recycled material and tracks it from the source to the final product. It is our goal to be honest and transparent in everything we do and this way create awareness about animal and social welfare in yarn production.

RMS certified by Control Union, CU 898826
RWS certified by Control Union, CU 898826
GRS certified wool certified by Control Union, CU 1276494

Our certifications 

Our certifications 

We’re proud to be RMS (Responsible Mohair Standard) and RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certified.

These certifications ensure that animals, farmers and the environment are treated respectfully. The certificates protect the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare; freedom from hunger and thirst; freedom from discomfort;  freedom from pain, injury and disease; freedom to express normal behavior; and freedom from fear and distress. 

RMS/RWS farms protect soil health, biodiversity and native species and the certifications protect social welfare, working conditions and health safety of farmers and workers.

RMS document RWS document

Our recycled wool

Our recycled wool

The recycled wool used in our No Waste Wool is a waste product from the production of other wool yarn. We collect the excess wool fibers, blend them with our Merino wool and spin the wool blend into new yarn. This way, we use the wool fibers that would otherwise be wasted, and reduce waste in yarn production.

The 50% merino wool in our No Waste Wool prevents the yarn from breaking easily, which is often the case with pure recycled yarn.

Our No Waste Wool is GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified. This certification verifies the recycled material percentage and tracks it from the source to the final product.

We use Cruelty-Free Silk

We use Cruelty-Free Silk

Silk is made of silk threads that come from silkworm cocoons. The cocoons are made of one single, very long thread. In conventional silk production, the cocoons are boiled, leaving the silkworms to die. This way, the long, intact silk thread can be used.

However, we use silk threads from broken cocoons, where the silkworms have evolved into moths and escaped from the cocoon. The broken cocoon leaves many short pieces of silk thread. These short silk fibers are made into yarn. This is a time-consuming process, and the final result is less smooth than other silk, but it means our silk is produced cruelty-free.

Our social responsibility commitments

Social responsibility is important to us, not only in our yarn production but across all our efforts as a company. We aim to help people in need as much as possible, whether it’s raising money for a new community playground or running a charity initiative to help those suffering in conflict areas.

We use our social media account as a platform to raise awareness of issues, where we often donate a specific day’s total sales to causes close to our hearts.

November 2023: Humanitarian aid to the children of the conflict between Palestine and Israel.

Unicef, 514.070 DKK // €68,924

February 2023: Humanitarian aid to the victimsof the war in Ukraine.

Red Cross, 1.035.848 DKK // €138,644

December 2022: Christmas help for Danish families in need.

Red Cross, 64.620 DKK // €8,690

February 2022: Humanitarian aid to the victims of the war in Ukraine.

Red Cross, 1.817.947 DKK // €244,676

August 2021: Humanitarian aid to the victims of Kabul after Taliban’s takeover.

Unicef, 626.417 DKK // € 84,309

October 2020: Donation towards the fight against cancer.

Kræftens bekæmpelse (The Danish Cancer Society), 131.615 DKK // €17,650

June 2020: Donation for Black Lives Matter

74.605 DKK // € 11,202