Olive cardigan

Olive Cardigan


Olive Cardigan


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Knitting for Olive Merino

3 of our 12 new Merino colors:

Flamingo - Marshmallow Yellow - Unicorn Purple

Find our selection of Merino colors here

knitting for olive

soft silk mohair

3 new colors have arrived!

Find all of our Soft Silk Mohair colors here


Color rain sweater

Made with 8 strands of Soft Silk Mohair, this sweater is soft and light like a cloud! Once you start wearing your Color Rain Sweater, you will never take it off!
An interesting color blending creates a gradient effect that makes the stockinette stitching almost addictive.

Available as kits (including a discount!) in sizes S, M, L and XL.

Find the kits here and choose your colors here

(if you would like the pattern only, find it here)

Knitting for Olive

Soft Silk Mohair

The circle of Knitting for Olive Soft Silk Mohair 2018.
Find all colors here

Olive Sweater - my size

Olive Sweater’s allover lace patterning and relaxed fit create a visually delicate garment; four strands of mohair added to the loose-knit yarn make it soft and cloud-like. Knit in the round from the bottom up, body and sleeves are then joined at armhole. Raglan decreases in lace pattern shape the shoulders and the neckline, and a ribbed neckband finishes the sweater.

The pattern includes the following sizes: S, M, L, XL

Find the pattern here

Knitting for Olive


Our yarns

All of our yarns consist of 100 % natural fibers.  Our yarns are produced with respect for animals and our environment.   The merino wool comes from an organic farm in Patagonia where mulesing is not allowed, and is then made into yarn in Italy following ethical and environmental guidelines to create a yarn free from harmful chemicals.

Our Mohair comes from goats raised in South Africa according to humane standards.  We categorically reject any mistreatment of animals in the mohair industry or elsewhere.

We believe in high-quality yarn made of pure natural fibres, and do our very best to create such yarn in a beautiful, carefully selected, range of colours.


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