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Featherlight Soft Silk Mohair

Made with animals in mind

For ethical and certified knitwear

our soft Silk mohair is soft, strong, responsibly and ethically sourced

Our Soft Silk Mohair comprises 70 % traceable, RMS-certified kid mohair and 30 % cruelty-free mulberry silk. This combination of kid silk and Mulberry Silk makes for the softest, fluffiest and most luxurious silk mohair. With more than 80 beautiful colors, our Soft Silk Mohair is a lace-weight yarn that can be worked alone or double-stranded for light, fluffy knitwear or sown together with our Merino yarn.

70 % mohair - 30 % silk, REACH Standard
225m | lace weight
Handwash in cool water, dry flat
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Meet Our ethical yarn

Our mohair is RMS certified. RMS stands for Responsible Wool Standard, and the certification ensures that animals, farmers and the environment are treated respectfully. The certificate protects the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare: freedom from hunger and thirst, discomfort, pain, injury and disease; freedom to express normal behavior; and freedom from fear and distress.

Equally, RMS farms protect soil health, biodiversity and native species, and the RMS certification protects social welfare, working conditions and health safety of farmers and workers. The complete RMS document from Textile Exchange can be found here.

Our silk is cruelty-free. Silk is made of silk threads that come from silkworms' cocoons. The cocoons are made of one single very, very long thread. In conventional silk production, the cocoons are boiled, leaving the silkworms to die. This way, the long, intact silk thread can be used. Our silk is made of silk threads from broken cocoons, where the silkworms have evolved into moths and escaped from the cocoon. The broken cocoon is now many short pieces of silk thread. These short silk fibers are made into yarn. This is a very time-consuming process, and the final result is less smooth than other silk because long silk threads make a smoother final silk product.

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