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Happy knitting!

Wonderfully warm Merino 

Made with animals in mind

For ethical and certified knitwear

ouR Merino is breathable, responsibly and ethically sourced

Our Merino wool provides excellent comfort and functionality, making it perfect for those who love long walks, winter hikes and camping under night skies. The wool’s natural fibers will keep you cozy in chilly weather while allowing your body to release heat in warmer temperatures. And don’t worry, our Merino wool comes from sheep where mulesing isn’t practised, so you can craft ethical, sustainable knitwear when using our yarn.

100 % non-mulesed merino wool, Oeko-Tex Standard 100
3 mm
250m | fingering weight
28 sts and 38 rows = 10 cm
Hand-wash in cool water, dry flat
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Knitting for Olive Merino - Soft RoseKnitting for Olive Merino - Soft Rose
Knitting for Olive Merino - BallerinaKnitting for Olive Merino - Ballerina
Knitting for Olive Merino - Cherry BlossomKnitting for Olive Merino - Cherry Blossom
Knitting for Olive Merino - Poppy RoseKnitting for Olive Merino - Poppy Rose
Knitting for Olive Merino - FlamingoKnitting for Olive Merino - Flamingo
Knitting for Olive Merino - Red CurrantKnitting for Olive Merino - Red Currant
Knitting for Olive Merino - Pink DaisiesKnitting for Olive Merino - Pink Daisies
Knitting for Olive Merino - Rose ClayKnitting for Olive Merino - Rose Clay
Knitting for Olive Merino - Dusty RoseKnitting for Olive Merino - Dusty Rose
Knitting for Olive Merino - Wild BerriesKnitting for Olive Merino - Wild Berries
Knitting for Olive Merino - Plum RoseKnitting for Olive Merino - Plum Rose
Knitting for Olive Merino - ClaretKnitting for Olive Merino - Claret

Meet Our ethical yarn

Our wool is RWS certified. RWS is short for Responsible Wool Standard and the certification ensures that both animals, farmers and the environment is treated respectfully. The list of requirements to RWS certified wool is long. In short terms the certification protects the Five Freedoms of animal welfare, which mean freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from discomfort, freedom from pain, injury and disease, freedom to express normal behaviour and freedom from fear and distress.

At the same time RWS farms protect soil health, biodiversity and native species and the RWS certification protects social welfare, working conditions and health safety of farmers and workers.
The complete RWS document from Textile Exchange can be found here.

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